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We’ve enclosed the essence of fresh fruits with a pinch of
Lübeck marzipan

into a chocolate cup for your ultimate tasting pleasure

Ypsilon Artisan Chocolates was founded when our Sweet-Toothed Chef, Zsanett Ésik and Csaba Kéninger, our Official Chocophile came up with a wonderful new dessert: a luxurious chocolate cup with fruity filling.

Flying in the face of chocolatier tradition, our pralinés are not based on ganache, a rich emulsion of chocolate and cream with various spices. Instead, we create exciting concoctions from fresh fruits, blending sophisticated cocktail ingredients with our favorite flavors from childhood. These are then filled into chocolate cups, and very special ones indeed. Just like our brand name, they’re inspired by a design classic: the Ypsilon Martini glass. Based on this iconic form, our product designers came up with the sleek, minimalist cup shape into which we pour our various fruity fillings.

Our fruit purées are made from pure fruit that was grown in the finest orchards of Europe and Asia. Our chocolate comes from Callebaut in Belgium, the leading provider of premium praliné ingredients, and from Cacao Berry in France. An ever-present element of our flavor combinations is Lübeck marzipan, which marries the juicy freshness of the fruits to the unmistakable aroma of single origin Saint Dominique dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids. On top of it all, we sprinkle freeze-dried fruits, roast nuts or colored, crisp chocolate balls as decoration.

The elegant, custom-designed Ypsilon Chocolates box could well grace the counter of a posh New York praliné boutique. But in fact it’s ours! To be short and sweet, a new luxury brand was born in Budapest: Ypsilon Artisan Chocolates

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